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Post  RicardoNL on Wed Jun 27, 2012 4:34 pm

How to join Surenos:

Real Life Information
- Name: Ricardo Seerden
- Age: 14 Years old
- Nationality: Dutch
- Tell us something about you: I'm 14 years old.. My name is Ricardo Seerden.
And i am playing now i think 1 year SAUR RPG.
I was in LostCars Manager with Vanessa.

In Game Information
- Username : Ricardo|RP|
- Nickname :Ricardo
- SAUR Hours Online (ScreenShot): Lumia, Told me its not needed.. 47 Hours.
- Weapon Skills (ScreenShot): Not needed? Only Tazer improved and M4 Razz
- Hours of Gameplay : 47 Hours.
- Your Strenghts :
- Your Weaknesses : (You're not perfect, Be honest.)
- Why should we accept you in Surenos and What is your experience as a Criminal? (15+ Words.) :
I'm an old Member of Surenos, It was a small Gang in that time. Smile
Lumia,Me, And another guy (( Forgot his name ))
But, I'm always thinking about that time.. My rank was Cholo and we were Roleplaying much with LostCars.
I was not 47 Hours an Criminal... I was in LostCars with the rank "Manager".
Yes, It was nice but its not so much roleplay/fun as Surenos.
So, Thats why i'm applying to re-join the best Gang, Haha.

I have some idea's for Surenos.
Trainer Team etc.
Roleplay Team..
I will buy later a nice Website for Surenos (( Either if you guys denied me Smile )).. So dont care about this Smile
- Groups you've been in (SAUR Only) : LostCars,LA
- I promise this applications is written by me : Yes,I promise..
- I promise I will follow all the Surenos Rules and Surenos Rules : Ofcourse, I will Smile

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Post  Lumia on Wed Jun 27, 2012 4:39 pm


Contact me in-game Very Happy

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