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Post  Shuvit on Wed Jun 27, 2012 2:57 pm

Real Life Information
- Name:Jeffrey
- Age:13
- Nationality: Dutch
- Tell us something about you: Im Shuvit, a motivated player from saur that loves to turf and killing cops. I can map, I have made the LC base, but it was bugged. Im also busy with my first DM race called: Shuvit V1 - Kickstarts.

In Game Information
- Username : Shuvit
- Nickname : Shuvit
- SAUR Hours Online (ScreenShot): I cant post links ?! But ill say it: 286 H
- Weapon Skills (ScreenShot): Uzi/Tec 100% , M4 100%, Deagle 100%
- Hours of Gameplay : 286 H
- Your Strenghts : Driving , With heli, Aiming, Killing cops, Turfing.
- Your Weaknesses : (You're not perfect, Be honest.) Driving safely
- Why should we accept you in Surenos and What is your experience as a Criminal? (15+ Words.) :Because im a motivated player that wants to turf and help each other. I was in 2.0 A crim by the gang "The OutLaws" They learned me everything, the bankrob, Turfing, etc.
- Groups you've been in (SAUR Only) : The OutLaws, South Side Cripz, StreetSoldiers, ArchEnemy.
- I promise this applications is written by me : Yes.
- I promise I will follow all the Surenos Rules and Surenos Rules : Yes.

Shuvit Wink


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Post  Lumia on Wed Jun 27, 2012 4:32 pm


Contact me in-game ( -S-Lumia )

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