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Post  MikeyR on Mon Jun 25, 2012 7:15 pm

Real Life Information
- Name:Mikey
- Age:14
- Nationality:Dutch
- Tell us something about you: im a saur player since saur 2.0 i love to play saur but i like to play with my friends outside to

In Game Information
- Username :ExamplE
- Nickname :*Mikey*
- SAUR Hours Online (ScreenShot):*Mikey* - Join SurenoS 25044yx
- Weapon Skills (ScreenShot):*Mikey* - Join SurenoS 2i2acdv
- Hours of Gameplay : 46:37 hours
- Your Strenghts : driving, shooting
- Your Weaknesses : (You're not perfect, Be honest.) Flying, losing
- Why should we accept you in Surenos and What is your experience as a Criminal? (15+ Words.) : i must be accepted because iam a fair and good player and i like the clan surenos and i like the gang members, i have a lot of experience as a car jacker/ arms dealer.
- Groups you've been in (SAUR Only) : Tos, SCO, AE, XK.
- I promise this applications is written by me : this application is writes by Mikey i promise
- I promise I will follow all the Surenos Rules and Surenos Rules : yes i will folow the saur and surenos rules.

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*Mikey* - Join SurenoS Empty Re: *Mikey* - Join SurenoS

Post  Lumia on Tue Jun 26, 2012 11:09 am


Wear the *S* tag in-game and i will test you.

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