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Post  -S-Pete on Sat Jun 16, 2012 4:48 pm

Weapon pic ups would be ranked,it would be antiabusable thing.That would be nice rank system for weapon picups would be ranked like this=
Deagle - for all (Guero Trial*,Guero Trial**,Guero Trial***,Guero,Cholo,Soldato,Vato Del,Jefe,Jefe,Founder)
Sniper - for Guero + higher ranked (Guero,Cholo,Soldato,Vato Del,Jefe,Jefe,Founder)
M4 - for Cholo + higher ranked (Cholo,Soldato,Vato Del,Jefe,Jefe,Founder)
Tec-9 - for Soldato + higher ranked (Soldato,Vato Del,Jefe,Jefe,Founder)

Vehicles shouldnt be ranked.

Skin think - All Sureno's would use something green glothes in game.


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