How to join Surenos.

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How to join Surenos. Empty How to join Surenos.

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About Surenos:
Surenos is a SAUR RPG Gang, Surenos is run by me (Lumia) Former SAPD Founder, All ranks in Surenos are based on your behavior and skills.

Rank Management:

Guero Trial*
Guero Trial**
Guero Trial***
Vato Del Jefe
Vice Leader

Nickname Managment:

*S* - Trial
-S- - Guero and Above.


-Understandable English
-50 Hours of Gameplay or More
-Screenshots must be up to date
-No more than 2 bans in the Logs
-No nooby names! Example: tH3-NaB234 or UnIvErSe

How to join Surenos:

Real Life Information
[b]- Name:[/b]
[b]- Age:
- Nationality:
- Tell us something about you:[/b]

In Game Information
[b]- Username :[/b]
[b]- Nickname :[/b]
[b]- SAUR Hours Online (ScreenShot):[/b]
[b]- Weapon Skills (ScreenShot):[/b]
[b]- Hours of Gameplay :[/b]
[b]- Your Strenghts :[/b]
[b]- Your Weaknesses : (You're not perfect, Be honest.)[/b]
[b]- Why should we accept you in Surenos and What is your experience as a Criminal? (15+ Words.) :[/b]
[b]- Groups you've been in (SAUR Only) :[/b]
[b]- I promise this applications is written by me :[/b]
[b]- I promise I will follow all the Surenos Rules and Surenos Rules :[/b]

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